Let us turn your legal admin team into the most efficient, resourceful, engaged and profitable aspect of your entire firm!

Our 12-week Law Firm Admin Bootcamp program is the only nationally-recognized program designed specifically for law firm receptionists, VA's, intake, sales and client service coordinators, your Chief Marketing and Operations Officers, office managers, paralegals, and PLA's. No attorneys allowed!



Imagine a workplace where your team knows exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, so all your focus could be on one thing: practicing law. After your administrative team completes this program, you will gain:

Full Confidence That Your Team Can Handle Whatever Comes Their Way

Trust that your people have the necessary skills to take even the most crucial tasks off your plate—for good!

A Thriving & Healthy Law Firm Culture

You'll enjoy a thriving, healthy culture where your team has incredible conflict resolution skills, and firm-wide accountability that keeps everyone’s best interests in mind.


Yes, you read that right. Imagine having freedom from the day-to-day operations, so you can focus on serving clients, working ON the business as the visionary and making memories with the people who matter the most in your life.

A Proven Program for Onboarding, Training & Leadership

The Law Firm Admin Bootcamp program ensures a consistent onboarding and training program that sets team members up for success, while helping them develop an intrapreneurial mindset.

Create immediate and lasting change by enrolling your team in the nation's Only Legal Admin Certification and development program, designed specifically for law firms.

Gain the confidence you need to fully trust your admin team with the day-to-day, so you can stay focused on ROI and KPIs!



This powerful training experience was designed by the nation's leading legal staffing and employee development experts to foster a thriving, profitable connection between attorneys and their teams. We give your legal admin team a front-row seat to the proven training tools, skills, and strategies we've cultivated in our 26+ years of experience.


"I just joined your program and you have hit it out of the ballpark. I clicked a few tabs on your membership page and you have compiled the secrets to running a successful business. At [the price] for the wealth of information you have available in one spot is literally giving away information it would cost a small fortune and a lifetime to accumulate."

Greg Walker
Greg Walker Law


Each week focuses on a real-life, straightforward principle, ultimately building a thriving workforce, operating within a healthy law firm culture. In just 12-weeks, you'll gain the confidence you need to say goodbye to administrative headaches, and let your team manage the day-to-day.


At the end of the bootcamp, you can expect Weekly Trackable, measurable results. Period.

Finally delegate the training of your law firm admin team and equip each team member with the training, resources and guidance they need to do their jobs successfully and with

Excellence….week after week!

Intrapreneur Habits: Taking ownership with leadership proposed solutions mindset with weekly reporting, tracking & measurement from EVERY person

Accountability & Consequences: The shift of leadership from the attorney to the Intrapreneur (COO Level) with permission and authority to allow you to hold the teams’ feet to the fire (without excuses, drama and negativity)

Conducting Ongoing Quarterly Employee Performance Reviews & Incentive Compensation Bonus Structure Plans that work (and consistently generate revenue, not cost the attorney)

Time and Money: Initial phone call to closing the file- Owning the Calendar and money appointments with weekly intentional prioritization through declaration of high impact activities for each person on the team.

The Importance of Providing Value: This academy focuses on creating Instant ROI by teaching team members how to step confidently into the contribution they can make in the business, which often includes an intense focus on boosting profits for all revenue streams.

How to create and lead Firm Wide Quarterly Planning Sessions: Your team leader will learn the entire methodical process for for pre, during and post quarterly planning sessions; Who, How, What, Where and When to make certain the time out of the office is effective and creates immediate, lasting results. 

Discovering how to identify the top three most important activities for each person on the team: no more wasting time on the clock, revenue or resources…or having a team member in a position where he or she truly does not belong (and your practice suffers because of it!)

A “how to” structure for the business. You and your team will learn how to put structures in place that powerfully but RESPECTFULLY help you focus on the most important contributions you make to the business in a way that fits your Unique Ability, skills and style. This includes a supporting structure to then keep your team focused and in their best possible zone.

Weekly Board of Directors Meetings: Finally! Taking all the management & babysitting off the business owner. Your team leader will know how to lead and direct expectations, deadlines, accountability and support for each member of the team, week in and week out. No more waking up at 2 A.M in wonder and worry about file management, client expectations or project management.

How Not to Fall into the Management Trap: The Difference between Managing & Leading. Your team leader will learn the impactful difference between managing & Leading small team to create unity, collaboration and consistency with a systematic, dependable approach each week. Getting rid of the ineffective management ways of running a business.

The 8 Keys to an Empowering Conversation: How to communicate honestly & respectfully. So much power is lost in our inability or fear of communicating honestly with each other. This key learning supports you and your team in being able to articulate yourself, honest while respectfully while solve problems versus getting stuck in communication Ping-Pong or tip toeing around in uncertain silence amongst the team.


 The 12-Week Law Firm Admin Bootcamp Certification Training Program: Complete the 1st time, go back, and repeat and use as your Law Firm Onboarding Process for your NEW Employee additions…. taking the employee leadership coaching and training skills off your plate…once and for all!

 Weekly LIVE Open Coaching Hours: For every member of your team each week focuses on a real-life, straightforward principle, ultimately building a thriving workforce, operating within a healthy law firm culture. Your team will gain the confidence you need to say goodbye to administrative headaches, and let your team manage the day-to-day headaches, and let your team manage the day-to-day.

 30- Minute Private One-One Coaching Session: This is your “I need a Breakthrough” call each and every month. For any member of the Law Firm, you bring the breakdown, we provide the breakthrough.

 Daily, Weekly & Quarterly Accountability Reporting: Your team will upload their "Daily Progress Reports" to our coaching team to ensure consistent and persistent flow!

 Monthly Mindset Coaching: Instilling confidence, competence, leadership and ownership mindset. We will break down the employee mindset barriers, including self-doubt, fear of failure and perfectionism, "I don't know how beliefs overwhelm, overlooked beliefs, lack of confidence and entitlement mentality. Leaving our team Empowered with Intrapreneur Mindset, habits, behaviors, and beliefs.

  24/7 Access to the Members-Only Academy: All the materials from our Law Firm Admin Bootcamp program—over 250+ (and growing each week) downloadable, editable documents and video training—will be in your private "members only" portal. To keep you on track, you will have 24/7, instant access to an exclusive academy with every tool, technique, training course, manual and mindset coaching tool in all areas of the practice, from marketing, leadership, management, job descriptions, communication, performance reviews, incentive compensation, ROI’s and KPI’s, hiring, firing and money mapping…and so much more!

  Referral Marketing Series&nbspIn this 3-part series, Stacey Brown Randall – of Building a Referable Business™ – will show you how to look at your referrals differently by digging into the reality of your current referral generation. You'll learn the THREE foundational strategies every business should have in place, plus gain a clearer understanding of the referral basics, from a science perspective. There will be some work involved, so come ready to dive in and walk away knowing you can generate referral naturally... without manipulating, incentivizing, or even asking.

  Monthly Guest Thought Leaders Expert Series We bring in the best and brightest minds in the legal, growth and entrepreneurial fields. Our Mission is to provide you with insights, strategies, and actionable tips to help you take your career, business, personal and professional growth to the next level!

  Conversions, Tracking & Reporting: This 4 Part Series for the month will train your team on how to report and track ever single week on Knowing your #’s and Conversions. Starting with knowing the financial goal you need to hit every month to meet your goals. This calculator will tell you how many Initial Calls, Consultations, and Engagement Agreements you need each month to meet your financial goal! We will empower your team to “ KNOW & OWN Your #s”...confidently, competently and In addition, training “best practice” approaches to overcome cancellations, reschedules, “need to think about it” and follow-up.

 The Law Firm Intake and Sales Academy: This 6 Part Series Law Firm Intake and Sales Training will teach your team how to:

1. Dissect and analyze inbound and outbound phone call

2. How to implement The 5-Step Relationship Sales Conversion Script ™

3. The Intake Sales Script and how to navigate this game changer script!

4. How to handle objections, excuses and tire kickers….oh my!!

5. How to handle “the 1 call close”, assumptive & sales language, empathic and self-care selling!

6. How to handle Follow Up and Outbound Calls


Law Firm Admin Bootcamp is PERFECT for you if:

You want to see your people thrive and stay!!!:

You want to see everyone at your firm thrive with the right resources, direction, and roles...and retain your employees because you are investing in their growth! People leave jobs because of the lack of opportunity and growth. Let us create a culture of leaders leading leaders so you can stick to being an exceptional layer and visionary, while your team drives consistent and sustainable growth!

You don't have all the answers:
You know you don’t have all the answers, and you’re willing to try new ideas and explore new solutions.

You're ready to invest in your people:
You know your continued growth and success is dependent on your team, and you're ready to invest in training and developing them into leaders capable of transforming your firm.

Law Firm Admin Bootcamp is NOT for you if:

You only care about profit:
You don’t care about serving your team members better—profit is the only part that matters to you.

You need help with a 'Vision Statement'
You’re looking for someone to help you develop a ‘vision statement’ or watered-down business plan for your practice. This is not a program for the attorney—it's a program for your team members, to help them step confidently into a leadership role and take day-to-day management tasks off your plate, once and for all.

You want a "magic pill"
There is no way to fix your firm overnight, with the snap of your fingers. To transform your business, you need to invest in your people. Period.

"I have a team full of rock-stars. The challenge was that they were floating around with no direction and no sense of their own power to make a real difference in the success of the company. The results were not in line with our potential. The solution was Team Empowerment. When I shared my frustration with Molly, she first had me (the owner) declare specific goals that would “delight” me, and I gave her specific numbers. She took over from there and through weekly calls with specific members of the team, she was able to tap into their skills and motivate them to perform at a higher level. The approach of applying the specific skills and work-styles of each of the team members to the tasks at hand created results immediately."

Susan Hunter
Hunter Estate & Elder Law

When you join the Bootcamp, you get a year of access to

Law Firm
Admin Bootcamp

  Weekly LIVE 1-Hour Tuesday Training 4-5 PM ET ($2,500)

  Daily and weekly Reporting  accountability coach ($3,500)

  Monthly One-on-One 30-Minute Customized CALL ($600)

  Monthly Mindset Mastermind:  ($1,200)

  Weekly Intake, Cancel/Reschedule & Follow-Up Skills Training - Thursday 1-2 PM ET ($5,000)

  One Year Exclusive Access to Members Only Platform ($25,000)

TOTAL VALUE: $105,354

This is for the Skeptics

Of course, we can’t guarantee every law firm will have world-changing results after going through The Law Firm Bootcamp. As much as I would like to make that guarantee, we can’t, as you can understand.

What we can guarantee is that you will receive some of the best content, insight, and support available for empowering every member of your law firm at each level. If you’re willing to put in the work and follow our proven process, we would love to exceed any of your expectations.



Since the late nineties, Molly has coached, consulted and directed presidents and founders of national organizations and over 4,000 law firms in; executive-level leadership, continuous improvement and team empowerment initiatives to infiltrate new markets, leveraging partner ecosystems and producing profitability. Molly has 26 years of specific skill set experience in legal CMO marketing, factional CEO, conversation intelligence coaching, team development & empowerment, intraprenuer talent acquisition, Kaizen leadership, root cause analysis, revenue mapping and action-based project management.


You've come too far to NOT invest IN your business!

It’s time to ensure that your hard-earned dollars pay off over the long haul and that your business runs like a well-oiled machine. This is the program that makes it happen!


Law Firm
Admin Bootcamp